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Name: Mary Stuart
Canon: Reign
Age: 16
Demigod/Hunter/Satyr/Nymph: Post-Ragnarok Soul Shard of Frigga
Demigod abilities: Protective Barriers - Mary is able to create forcefields that form barriers of protection around herself and those in her immediate vicinity. As time passes the size of her protective barrier will increase, but for now her range is roughly herself and anyone immediately surrounding her.


Despite the fact that Mary was born into privilege, she was raised to believe that wealth and power meant to be used to help in the uplifting of others as well as one's self. Rank and money are the result of the luck of being born or one's own hard work, and regardless of another person's status, they deserve to be treated as she herself would want to be treated: with respect and kindness. Household staff were regarded as being under the protection of their employers and Mary was never restricted in terms of what kind of friends she could have - she was never restricted to the "right kinds of people". She was raised to believe that no task is inherently beneath her, and is not someone that is frequently found to be shirking her chores.

While many people fit the bill of "natural leader", even at her young age Mary can be quite motherly and extremely protective. She considers her friends to be her responsibility, and has a very strong tendency to put the needs of others before her own; she generally tries to act based on what she believes to be the greater good over her personal desires.

She is not unfamiliar with the idea of sacrifice as she was raised Catholic. She still feels a strong connection to the better parts of the faith she was raised in, but as she got older began to struggle with the Church's conservative, antiquated perspectives (suffice to say, she's a big fan of the new pope). Her internal struggle with her faith became even more conflicted upon the realization that she carries a shard of the soul of Frigga, wife of Odin, within herself.

Mary strives to inspire those around her, pressing for diplomacy and urging for establishing friendship whenever possible. But though she may be inclined to promote peace, that does not mean she is incapable of putting her foot down, and nor is she entirely naive. She's well aware that with high social status one can be exposed to a great deal of manipulative behavior, and when she puts her mind to it, Mary can be quite crafty. While she doesn't put an emphasis on physical conflict the way others might, she is capable of taking care of herself.

Being born to privilege also means that she has had the opportunity to have all of her graces expanded to the most that could be offered to her and has been able to pursue a variety of interests. Intelligent and athletic, even before the soul-shard woke up within her she could speak six languages before she turned fifteen, enjoys singing and dancing, plays both the piano and the guitar with modest skill, loves to ride horses, and has a pretty killer golf swing.

AU History:

Mary Stuart is the daughter of the now deceased Laird of Linlithgow in Scotland and his French wife, Marie. Raised in her mother's faith, she was sent to a Catholic boarding school from the age of nine in France with frequent visits home. She made a very active effort from a young age to please her parents and try to meet their expectations with regard to becoming the young lady they expected her to be. She excelled in school, got along well with her peers, but Mary also felt like something was missing.

Despite how old fashioned it seemed, as Mary got older it became apparent that her father had certain expectations regarding the family dynasty. His plan was to try and arrange a marriage between Mary and the son of one of his business partners. Frances Valois was a childhood friend of Mary's, and while the two were aware of their fathers' plans, neither of them really took the idea seriously.

Six months before her sixteenth birthday, Mary's father died. The sudden onset of responsibility on her fifteen year old shoulders and the increased pressure from her mother and Frances' father became too much for Mary. She began to have highly lucid dreams of things she didn't understand the significance of: spinning wheels, great halls in which she looked upon feasting warriors, a one-eyed man sitting in the throne next to her, and flying dreams in which when she looked at herself, she seemed to have falcon feathers. As nights passed, she was encompassed with a sense of dread that of she ever did marry Frances he would die. The dreams became so haunting that Mary felt compelled to drastic action; she took her passport, emptied her bank account, and got on a flight to America, intending to stay with relatives for a while to clear her head.

On her first night in the States the nature of her dream was different, perhaps due to having set foot in America. She was visited by Juno. The goddess greeted Mary as "one queen to another", claiming that Mary had always carried noble blood within her, and that she carried the lion's share of the soul shard of Frigga herself, making her the post-Ragnarok manifestation of of the queen of the Norse gods. Juno promised her that if she traveled to Camp Half Blood, she would be able to discover more about her true nature, and meet with others who have since manifested as the post-Ragnarok manifestations of the Norse pantheon.

The next morning the cab that was waiting for her was driven by a man who was something a little more than human, cloven-hoofed and hiding a pair of horns under his newsie cap. Mary had a difficult time believing he was the devil though, and willingly went with him to Long Island, uncertain as to the truth of her nature but desperate enough for answers to take the risk.
Counselor: N/A, though Mary will be residing in Demeter Cabin.

Iris Message:
[Mary's face appears in the rainbow shrouded mist, smiling and uncertain. When she speaks, her accent is something of an amalgamation of Queen's English and Scottish Highlander.]

Hullo. This does seem a little awkward but I thought I might take a moment to introduce myself to all of you, or at least those of you who might be watching. My name is Mary Stuart, and according to the goddess Juno, I am...an incarnation, the incarnation? Of the goddess Frigga. [She smiles shyly.] And while I do know who that is, I'm not quite entirely sure yet what that means for me. It's not as I know how to use a loom, or can transform into a falcon.

[There's a blink as she looks at someone off-camera (so to speak).] Wait, can I turn into a falcon?

[She seems to be given a negative, or at least a "not yet" and returns her gaze to the camera.]

I really do look forward to meeting you all, especially those of you who are experiencing the same...duality as I am.

[There's another darted blink off camera as someone inaudibly says something to her. Her expression becomes puzzled.]

What do you mean, Odin is here too?

Third Person Log: From the Winter Text Drive.


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